What is E&T Electric?

An Unmatched History

E&T Electric was founded over twenty years ago. It established quickly by performing honest and efficient work on time. E&T Electric has experienced explosive growth over the last five years due to its ability to quickly plan and respond to clients’ needs. E&T Electric currently has offices in Greeley, CO; Agoura Hills, CA; Grand Island, NE, and Friona, TX

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Extreme Sports Biking
Implementing the Right Values

We understand you have many choices when it comes to electrical projects. At E&T Electric, we truly pride ourselves in listening to and working closely with each and every one of our clients to achieve the highest quality product at the lowest realistic cost, in the safest environment possible. This is our goal with every client, without fail, every day, every time to deliver an “On Time” and “On Budget” success story with our customer base.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Core Values

So what is ‘it’ that sets E&T Electric apart from the other ‘electrical contractors’? E&T Electric has the experience, essential skills and attention to quality and detail that will help to take your project to the next level, regardless of its size or location.

  • We Respect the Individual

  • We are Frugal
  • We Believe in Fairness
  • Quality is a Standard
  • Safety is a Culture

  • Committed to Clients
  • Innovative Solutions
Understanding Your Need

Understanding the client’s wants and needs.


We incorporate our customer’s needs with the latest in electrical products and technology.


We Assure a design and schedule that will exceed your expectations.